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Polly Maloka / Rosemarie Luttenberger (Leiterin/Head) Gaby Oosthuizen / Brigitte Harms

Introducing  . . .  Afterschool Care at the DSP

For 60 learners of the DSP, the Afterschool Care Centre, with its generous outdoor area, has become a familiar establishment which they happily visit after their daily lessons.

After a short break and under the supervision of qualified personnel, the children do their homework, prepare projects or study for their subjects. Separate afternoon activities, whether organised by the DSP or privately, are able to be integrated at any time and we ensure that they are attended timeously. Following this, everyone looks forward to playing, exploring or resting.

We are in close contact with parents and communicate observations regarding strengths or weaknesses of the children. Annually we also organize parents-get-togethers such as a family braai, a traditional ‘German Advent’ get-together and a parents’ evening. Once a year the children go on an daily excursion with the educators by bus.

Our colourful inviting interiors provide a happy atmosphere for the well-being of the kids. Our young guests love painting, crafting, dancing, playing soccer, baking, reading, dressing up, building caves, live in the Barbie world or play „family“ or „doctor“. Boys and girls who are interested in technology are offered the world of Lego Robotics as well as building systems which inspire experimenting and will send the kids on a great journey of discovery.

The Afterschool Care can be booked flexibly for days, weeks or the whole year, half-day or full-day. Please ask for our agreement, which can be obtained at the Afterschool Care Centre or at the school’s reception. The DSP website will also lead you to relevant information and documents.

We are open Monday-Friday from 12:00-17:30.


Holiday Care

In addition to the daily care our service also includes holiday care four times per year.

This is designed for all DSP learners who would like to spend their holidays creative, with lots of fun and interesting challenges together with friends. Please have a look at the school fees document for more details.

During the holidays we offer an activity programme which promises to have something for everyone.

During these periods we already open our doors at 7:30 and also stay until 17:30.

While the children usually are with us the whole day, we offer a warm lunch which has to be ordered by the parents before the start of the holidays from our tuck-shop kitchen.

At 15:00 we serve a small snack, fruits and fruit juice, water and tea is available.

Dear parents, you are more than welcome to visit us whenever it suits you in the afternoon. We are already looking forward to introduce you to our beautiful premises and will assist you with a tour.

For more information please contact the Afterschool Care Team on 012-803 4106 or via email:

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind regards
Rosemarie Luttenberger
(Leiterin Tagesheim/Head)


Infos für Eltern / Information for parents
Vertrag – Tagesheim – Update Aug12
Agreement – Afterschool Care – Update Aug12
Vereinbarung für die Aufnahme des Kindes / der Kinder in das Tagesheim der DSP (nur für Ferienbetreeung)
Agreement of the child’s / children enrolment in the DSP Afterschool Care Centre (Holiday Care only)
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