Support and Promotion: Subject – Mathematics

Concept: Differentiated support and promotion measures for the subject mathematics within the DSP Mainstream

It can generally be observed that the interests, strengths and weaknesses of learners are quite varied.
There are learners who find dealing with numbers, technical tasks and figures of geometry quite easy. Others, on the other hand, need more practice to get through the subject. Furthermore, there are learners who only establish an understanding of numbers with difficulty and who struggle with basic methods calculations.

In addition to this, new learners are constantly added to the class. They bring with them varying experiences and skills in the field of mathematics, which do not always correspond to the curriculum of the Deutsche Schule Pretoria.
Due to this reason, one differentiation lesson is offered per week in Grades 3 and 4 within the time table. During this lesson, learners attend one of three differentiation groups, based on a diagnostic survey:

Flower group:
Tasks according to a higher competency level

Star group:
Additional exercises in the field of arithmetic as well as technical calculations

Heart group:
Targeted support in the field of comprehension of numbers, arithmetic as well as technical calculations.

These differentiation lessons take into consideration the individual needs of our learners in mathematics by offering an intensive promotion of performance from high-performance learners and parallel to this, a targeted support of learners with calculation difficulties, as well as repetitive practice for learners with a need for additional practice.

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jessica Fritz or Angelika Schindel.