Support and Promotion: Subject – German

Concept for Support & Promotion for the subject German as Mother Tongue

After a detailed needs analysis and long planning, a comprehensive concept for support and promotion for the subject German as Mother Tongue was developed at the Deutsche Schule Pretoria. This concept, which has been adapted over several years, was implemented successively in Primary School, for Pre-School through to Grade 4, as of the 2011 school year.

The organisational prerequisite for this concept was the integration and networking of the specialised support lessons into the regular lessons for the subject German, during the course of the restructuring of the DSP time tables.
The basic principle of this new concept is a standardised diagnostic procedure, during which the spelling ability of each learner must be determined. This procedure is based on a diagnostic spelling test (DRT) which is conducted by a specially qualified support teacher. Next to the assessment of the number of errors, the key to this testing procedure lies in a qualitative analysis of the individual errors (type and focus of error).
Based on the individual results of the testing process, 3 German Differentiation Groups are formed, to which the learners are appointed for two lessons.

1.(Flower Group):
Tasks related to the subject German, according to a higher cometency level

2.(Star Group):
Practice group

3.(Heart Group):
Targeted support in the areas of reading and spelling

These Differentiation lessons for the subject German tend to the individual needs of our learners by allowing for more intensive promotion of higher performing learners as well as a more targeted support of learners with reading/writing difficulties. A focal point here is the conveyance of spelling strategies according to a special spelling training programme.
During the school year of 2011, the diagnostic procedure covered the grades 3 and 4. Since the 2012 school year, it was extended to include the grade 1‘s (at the bginning of the 2nd half year) and the grade 2’s.
Detailed information regarding the organisation and step-by-step implementation of the procedure, is presented in the relevant school year plan. (insert link: table procedure plan)