The application and parent contract may be downloaded and printed via the pdf document (inserted below) however the original documents must be handed in at the school –  fully completed and signed (original signature).  This can only occur after the discussion with the Stufenleiter/Stufenleiterin. 


The following must accompany the application form:
Copy of last school report (if applicable)
Copy of birth certificate
Copy of immunisation card
Study Visa for non-South African citizens
Copy of passport
Death certificate (if applicable)
Adoption papers (if applicable)
Copy of court order for custody declaration (if applicable)
Proof of income / Payslip of both parents
The following documents must please be completed and signed:
The application must be fully completed and signed by both parents (guardians)

Disziplinary code – Updated: July 2013
Terms and conditions of payment
Payment agreement
Financial Obligations on Enrolment 2016 – 2017
Schülerexposè – Choice of subject of special interest



pdf DSP Application for Admission 2015 – (English)

pdf DSP_Parent_Contract – update: 2013  (English)

For more details regarding our enrolment and school fees kindly view the Schulgebühren/School fees section.

 pdf School fees


Wenn Sie Ihr Kind/Ihre Kinder anmelden möchten, so vereinbaren Sie bitte einen Termin mit der verantwortlichen Person, wie unten angegeben:

Abteilung Klassen Name Funktion Telefon Nummer Zeiten
Kinderkrippe 3 Monate – 2 Jahre Mrs S. Frische Leiterin: Kinderkrippe 012 – 803 5825 08:00-17:00 Uhr
Kindergarten 1½ – 4 Jahre Mrs H. Beyers Leiterin: KiGa 012 – 803 5672 08:00-14:00 Uhr
Grundschule Vorschule – Kl. 4 Mrs Y. Schilling Leiterin: Grundschule 012 – 803 4106/7/8 07:30–16:00 Uhr
Sekundarstufe 1 Kl. 5 – 9 Frau N. Biermann Koordinator: Sek. 1
Sekundarstufe 2 Kl. 10 – 12 Frau P. Kapfhammer Koordinator: NSC u. Kombi-Abschluss
Herr M. Ponnen NSC: Abschluss mit DSD
New Secondary School for
Non-German speaking
from Gr. 5 Mr M. Leeflang Head: New Secondary School
English Medium Branch
for Gr. R, 1, 8, 9 Mrs H. Share Head: V-Zweig